My Painting Frames

I find all my frames at thrift stores, estate sales, and occasionally antique stores. I pick them up as I go, and maintain a large collection in my basement. Most people view frames are disposable, they are simply what holds the picture.  So at an estate sale, the frame is worthless, you are simply buying what it holds. Unfortunately though they won't sell just the frame.  At thrift stores, frames are a few bucks each. Most are garbage, but there are so many that I can usually walk out with a few. I prefer older, ornate frames, with rococo or baroque elements.  These traditional styles go well with portraits and landscapes.  To tie them all together I paint them black, then attach a wire to the back.

I buy all the frames first, then cut the masonite board to fit the frame because older frames have a wider variety of shapes and sizes. If a frame has damage, that is okay. Some of my paintings I age with sandpaper, so the damage seems to fit.

I used to not frame anything, there was too much complication about what different people wanted, they usually wanted to frame it themselves.  Also, my older work was much larger, and framing would have been too much of an investment. 

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